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    David Zbíral

    Welcome to my website. I am a historian of religion interested in different aspects of medieval Christianity and in the practice of interdisciplinary history, informed mainly by historical anthropology and computational approaches to historical research. My special focus is religious nonconformism and its repression in medieval Europe; Cathar Christianity; inquisitorial records from Languedoc, Lombardy and Tuscany (1240s to 1320s); and the methods of social network analysis and geographic information science.

    Currently, I lead the Dissident Networks Project (DISSINET) in which a team of five researchers uses computational methods to shed new light on the social microstructure and spatiality of dissident religious cultures in medieval Europe and, by extension, on medieval social networks, the functioning of covert networks, and the emergence of religion from local interactions. I also serve as the director of the Centre for the Digital Research of Religion, which is a research unit of the Department for the Study of Religions at Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts.

    About the website

    This website presents some of my work, mostly in the study of religions, medieval studies, and historical anthropology. You can go through my curriculum vitae and publications, read some of my articles, as well as lectures and conference papers, learn more about my research, and browse my bibliographies (a bibliography of Medieval Europe, a bibliography of Christian heresy and the Inquisition, and a bibliography of the history of Christianity).

    Let me also invite you to my Czech website, where you will find electronic dictionaries, fantasy stories, essays, artwork, photos, and more.

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